Though there is no thing as a 200 year old sustainably managed forest in Australia, in France sustainably managed forests can be dated back to well before the 16th century.


In the year 1291, the king of France “Philippe le Bel” created the “Administration des Eaux et Forets” (Administration of Waters and Forests), an institution that survived every hardship of French history until 1966, when it was replaced by the ONF (Office National des Forêts – National Forestry Office).

Though the first French forestry code was written in 1346, modern day management really started under Louis the XIV’s Prime Minister Jean Baptiste Colbert who, between 1661 and 1669 restructured all royal domain forests.

In the 17th century sustainability was not such a popular topic. Readily available timber for the purpose of building warships was rather the matter, and unlike England tapping freely into Tasmanian Huon pines for towering masts, France had to rely on local supply, therefore planning and management was the way to go.

Presently 50% of commercial French oak comes from ONF managed national or local community forests, a mere 12 million hectares out of the whole 17 million hectares of forests representing 30% of the French territory. The oaks selected by ArrowSun for the WildOak range originate only from the most beautiful and sustainable forests of France.