WildOak flooring comes with a range of surface treatments on the French Oak lamella ranging from Tool Marks to Staining with Alkaline reactive stains and providing different surface coatings – UV Robust Lacquer & Super Extreme Matt Oils.


Hand Scraping

Creates a subtle wave effect across the width of the board leaving
the feel of a smooth ripple effect.

Tool Markings

Created by chisel techniques leaving a rustic divot look and feel
throughout the floor.

Saw Markings

These are band saw marks not being fully removed through
the sanding process creating an antique look full of character.

Nail Markings

Are given to create a floor that has been time worn over many
years of use.

Distressed Markings

Are created by hand scrapping against the grain giving the floor
a natural worn effect leaving behind the natural handcrafted
elements of a unique look.

Wire Brush Markings

This produces a surface where some of the grain has been
removed along the length of the board producing a surface that
feels more natural and coarse underfoot.


WildOak staining is done with simple stains on some of its range through to very complex reactive stains which react with the tannins in the French Oak. This new and wonderful process requires a process that can only be done by hand which will require up to 3 stain applications per board. The outcome is a 3 dimension depth in colour where different types of light changes the colour of your floor giving every floor by WildOak a unique look in every home.

Different surface coatings are used to produce our specific colour bank, therefore different stains
require different coatings to create the designer colours of WildOak flooring.