An Inspired Idea – Using Wood for Your Ceiling




An Inspired Idea – Using Wood for Your Ceiling


In recent times, many Australian designers have been pushing the envelope by creating interesting, inspired and different aesthetics for interior design.


Modern architecture and design techniques and a huge variety in styles and forms mean that there is scope and possibility for design themes and feels beyond the mundane, the drab and the dull.


Many design firms are fiercely pursuing quality, boutique approaches for their projects, and are therefore seeking quality products to use to create interesting and inspired room designs.


One idea to make a striking impression is by using wood for your ceiling. French oak is one available option. Your choice of timber and how it is stained will impact your choice of décor, wall colour and accessories – so choose carefully.

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Try: Sienna, Rouen or Toulouse for a similar look.

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Why Install a Wooden Ceiling?

A wooden ceiling immediately creates a warm, inviting and cozy feeling in any room. The downside of this is that it can also make a space feel dark and cramped if you’re not careful. To avoid this, complement your wooden celling with a pale wall colour and consider having more than one light source for the room to offset this darkness. Recessed or tracked lighting along the ceiling can be implemented too.


Keep your flooring light in colour too. A pale rug can provide a counterbalance to the timber used above.


To keep the inviting, cottage or cabin-esque vibe that a wooden ceiling invokes, keep the feel going by pairing the rest of your décor with it. Warm colours work well. Think rich, dark browns and walnuts for your wooden furniture.


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Try: Genoa, Bologna and Lyon for a similar effect




For accessories in any room, you could be bold and choose colours such as eggplant, cranberry, cherry or gold.
If you are considering a wooden ceiling in your bedroom design idea, offset it with soft shades for your furniture, accessories and linen.


Keep it Natural


Since using oak or other timber for your ceiling immediately creates a warm, natural feel, you could even consider complementing that feel by integrating other natural design elements in to the room.


If your lounge has a fireplace, choose a stone option for its façade. For your flooring – think about something like slate in a grey or light blue to create a cabin by the river type of aesthetic, even in the middle of the city.


Potted plants are always a great option for interior design, and their vibrant greens will match your wooden ceiling, help clean the air and align with the natural feeling. Placing your potted trees in opposite corners to create balance is a popular idea.

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Try: Naples and Strasbourg for a similar effect

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