An Inspired Idea – Using Timber Floorboards on the Walls

An Inspired Idea – Using Timber Floorboards on the Walls


Many leading Australian interior design and architectural firms are creating innovative, interesting and inspiring room designs using alternative materials.


When people choose design themes for their homes, offices or other spaces these days, they often seek ways to make the space stand out, catch the eye and integrate the feeling of being outdoors.


One way that this is being achieved is by using wood for walls. French oak and other timber can be a great option for wall material. You can have it stained to suit your particular preference, and it can be the ideal “central” piece to inform your choices of floor material and colour, accessories and other décor options.

Wood panels on walls

Try: Bologna, Lille and Rouen for a similar effect





Using wood for walls is becoming a popular option for interior design and it can be seen featured in many new construction and renovation projects.


Wooden walls also help to bring nature inside so that the space reflects the brightness and natural hue of the outdoors as well as freshening up and lightening a room. Wooden walls also create a stark contrast between the floors and ceiling, depending upon the choice of colour for them.


Wooden walls work well in any type of style. For the more modern home or office – it can be a nod to antiquity. For the traditional style of building it can help to build on the sense of sensibility and prestige that the space already projects.


wooden walls - kitchen ideas

Try: Milan, Paris and Lille for a similar effect

Source: mimDESIGN




Some Design Ideas to Complement Wooden Walls


  • In oddly shaped or laid out rooms, a single wooden feature wall could be an option.
  • If your ceiling and floor is dark, consider a lighter coloured wood for your wall
  • Complement the natural feeling that wooden walls provide with some house plants or a stone floor
  • Hang terrariums sparsely for a low maintenance injection of life
  • In bedrooms choose light, cream and pale coloured linen for your bed
  • If your walls are of a darker hue, then match them with lighter wooden furniture, or vice versa
  • Create vibrant, stark contrast with white floors, ceilings and counter tops
  • Choose wooden walls for an attic bedroom that has a window overlooking trees or shrubbery
  • Wicker chairs can add to the rustic/country feeling
  • Timber hues are well complemented by deep and bright reds, purples and blues
  • Make sure that the room is adequately lit as wood can create some darkness and shadow
  • A fish tank can help bring even more of a natural, life-like feeling to the space. Try this in a bathroom too
  • Try alternate, contrasting colours on opposite timber walls
  • Pick artwork that either matches the timbers hue, or contrasts with it
  • A neutral palette can be just as effective as a varied one



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