Keeping Your Kids Safer With Wooden Floors

NEWS / Keeping Your Kids Safer With Wooden Floors
kids room with safe oak flooring

For households with children, it’s so important to put their safety first. When children are young we think about safety-proofing edges, and putting certain things out of reach. As they get older we also have to make decisions about arranging bedrooms and play areas, thinking about what they might hurt themselves on.

The good news is timber flooring is one of the safest materials for children, because its supple nature makes falls less of an issue. Unlike tile, which is often cold and very hard, oak wood flooring can help ease the inevitable slips. Let’s learn a bit more about this flooring option for families.

Easy to Clean

Wood flooring is one of the easiest materials to clean, and does not require any harmful or toxic chemical cleaning agents. Whereas tile floors often look dirty just minutes after they are mopped, timber floors look clean for much longer. With a simple dusting and sweeping, you can minimise the amount of cleaning you know you’ll have with small children around.

Hard to Wear Down

In particular, French Oak is ideal for an active lifestyle because it grows very densely, making it a strong, yet semi-pliable material. This means it doesn’t take on the impact of children bouncing up and down or running around with shoes. It also means it’s a softer fall and lasts for years.

Especially with children, try using a natural-toned oak floor, such as the Lyon, Toulouse, or Bologna. With matt finishes, you won’t have to worry about scratches. Natural tones also look great with colourful decorations and any kind of lighting.

With the right kind of finishing and adhesive, wood flooring can be sealed against water spills and scratches. Don’t be afraid of your pets spending time in your kid’s rooms with durable wooden floors.

Grows Up With Them

One of the most beloved aspects of hardwood flooring is its longevity. Unlike tile, where you need to completely replace the tile if it is damaged, you can always re-strip and refinish wood.

As your precious child grows out of their nursery and into a kid’s bedroom – then further down the track to a teenaged and adult style room – they will continue to love the same timber floor. The flooring goes with any furniture, as well as the rest of the house’s decor. Repaint the walls from pale blue to more mature dove grey, and the floors will see it all!

Installing matching wooden shelves or a dresser is a great way to keep a consistent look that lasts through the years. You’ll be replacing their soft toys with hardcover books before you know it, but can keep the same, sturdy wood the entire time.

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