Kitchen Floor Battle Royale: Hardwood Vs Tile

NEWS / Kitchen Floor Battle Royale: Hardwood Vs Tile
beautiful kitchen with polished hard wood floors

When it comes to kitchen flooring there are two undeniable heavyweights in the game – hard wood and tile. We’ll take you through the pros and cons of each so you can decide which one is most ideal when it comes to your kitchen.

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Your Home’s Hardest Working Floor

Unless you have a professional ballet troupe rehearsing daily in your spare room, your kitchen is surely the hardest working room in your house. Your kitchen floor has to weather everything from food scraps and dropped plates, to constant foot traffic – and let’s not forget good old-fashioned kitchen dancing.

So, which floor handles these challenges best, wood or tile? Let’s find out…

Kitchen Tiles: Pros and Cons

Tiles have been kitchen favourites for decades. Their appeal has only grown recently, with a wider range of colours replacing the once-ubiquitous white tile.

The Pros

  1. Tiles are very tough and long lasting. Of course, they can crack, but you’d be amazed how hard it is to actually make the happen!
  2. Because tiles can be made in so many different sizes and colours, they give you a lot of design flexibility. For example, small tiles can create interesting patterns, while larger tiles can create an expansive, cleaner look.
  3. Tiles keep you cooler in warm or hot weather, and can tolerate the high temperatures of a kitchen in full swing.

The Cons

  1. Particular lines of tiles are usually only around for a while. This can make things tricky if you need replacements and they’re no longer available.
  2. Lighter coloured tiles can actually stain quite easily, and because of their ‘clean’ look, the stains will really stand out!
  3. The flipside of tiles’ toughness is that they fight back – drop a plate or glass and it’s not going to bounce and be okay, the tile is going to shatter its weaker opponent in one hit!
  4. Tiles can be very slippery when wet.

Wooden Flooring

Wood is back in fashion for kitchens these days, especially in homes with wooden flooring in other rooms or with open plan designs.

The Pros

  1. Wooden floors are simply better looking, at least by most people’s tastes. Timber flooring adds class and natural warmth to this important space in your home – not to mention adding value to your property. With its old-world, cosy feel, wooden flooring creates a homey, welcoming kitchen.
  2. Timber is a little more forgiving of clumsy hands – dropped plates and cups have a better chance of surviving their youthful experimentation with gravity.
  3. Oak or other wooden flooring in your kitchen allows you to create continuity with the rest of your home – you wouldn’t want a tiled lounge room!
  4. Well-tended wood lasts an incredibly really long time and are more environmentally friendly than synthetic materials.

The Cons

  • Wooden floors need a little more love than tiles. They’re not too difficult to clean, but you’ll need to be quick to mop up spills and be careful when choosing cleaning products.
  • Hardwood flooring tends to show scuffing, scratching, and other damage more. Some people find this charming, but if you want things to look perfect, it might get annoying.
  • Wooden flooring is also vulnerable to problems if exposed to moisture regularly – so if you do go with wooden flooring, ensure spills are not allowed to linger, and don’t let the kitchen stay steamy for too long.