WildOak’s vision is to provide its customers with the perfect surface. What you see is merely the tip of the iceberg of a skilful and technologically advanced process. However, it lies right at the end of ArrowSun’s value chain – our knowledge and partnerships with world leading suppliers.

To produce a quality, perfect finish we need to start with the material being applied to the raw board and there is only one company that we place our faith and reputation in: KLUMPP.

KLUMPP Coatings add true value to our flooring surface, with the development of high quality and innovative coating systems for timber flooring today.

Once again we deliver results focusing on providing a gain for the consumer by meeting stringent tests to achieve coatings which are friendly for you the customer and our environment.

KLUMPP technology and leadership lies in the use today of e.g. Hydro UV Primer or Anti-Scratch UV Finishing.

KLUMPP can confirm that their products are free of hazardous materials such as formaldehyde and heavy metals and meet the strict requirements of the EN71 Part 3.