beautiful kitchen with polished hard wood floors

Kitchen Floor Battle Royale: Hardwood Vs Tile

When it comes to kitchen flooring there are two undeniable heavyweights in the game – hard wood and tile. We’ll take you through the pros and cons of each so you can decide which one is most ideal when it comes to your kitchen.

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A large open kitchen with wood floors, cabinets, and island

Redesigning Your Kitchen – Why Timber Floors Are More Sustainable

When you design your house, choosing your flooring materials is one of the most important decisions. They affect your insulation, safety, cleaning routines, cost, and of course aesthetic. In kitchens, many people choose between timber floors and tile floors, both of which have pros and cons.


Modern bathroom with timber floors and bathtub.

Wood or Tile? Why Wood Flooring is Better For Your Bathroom

The question of whether timber floors or tile floors are better for bathrooms dominates the conversation for homeowners building or renovating. While tiles are popular in bathrooms because they are said to last longer, it’s actually the case that timber floors which are sealed properly last jus...MORE

wood fired oven

Wood-Fired Ovens Go Nicely With Hardwood Floors

If you’re a foodie, you know the difference between cooked and smoked. Using wood as part of the cooking process is a healthy way to make all sorts of food taste infinitely better. Plus, a wood-fired oven looks incredible with finished h...MORE

french bedroom with oak flooring

Bedroom Accents that go with Dark Wooden Flooring

One of the most common rooms to use timber flooring in is the bedroom. Oak or wood floors are much nicer to walk on when you’re warming up for the winter and would rather not step on freezing tile. They hide sound, are easy to clean and hide dirt well. Dark wood floors in particular make an exc...MORE

bathroom with oak flooring

French Country Bathroom Design Ideas

Simple, chic and extraordinarily elegant – who wouldn’t want a taste of the French countryside in their bathroom?

One of our most popular and highly sought after oak flooring series is the French-inspired ÉTENDU series. Explore our inspirations below to make your bath time experienc...MORE

kids room with safe oak flooring

Keeping Your Kids Safer With Wooden Floors

For households with children, it’s so important to put their safety first. When children are young we think about safety-proofing edges, and putting certain things out of reach. As they get older we also have to make decisions about arranging bedrooms and play areas, thinking about what they mi...MORE


Chinese Oak from Illegal Russian Forests

View the full length documentary on inferior oak products coming out of China from illegal Russian forests.



July Home Show in Adelaide

We will be at the upcoming 2015 Adelaide Home Show  17th – 19th of July

Look for us at the 2015 Adelaide Home Show. We will be presenting our complete range of WildOak flooring in the Habitué series (2450 x 190 x 14.2mm) and the Étendu series (2450 x 240 x 14.2mm).

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