Next time you are choosing a new floor for your home choose ArrowSun
our test results are your gains.


WildOak flooring can stand proud to say that its vision was not just to produce aesthetically stunning floors but to excel in the health and safety of the end user through minimising any detrimental impacts in your home or office and the environment.

So we started with Swedish producer Casco, today’s global major supplier of adhesives for engineered flooring. When developing adhesives, Casco’s charter is to create high bond strength while maintaining environmental friendliness to ensure the consumer’s security and health in the end product.

Today many regulating authorities are stepping up their measures to protect the consumers interests. Conscious manufacturers and resellers have a greater responsibility to meet or even exceed these regulations.

With respect to gluing practices, today’s most basic requirement is the Chisel Test which is used for measuring delamination by chiselling. A more stringent norm are the American National Standards (ANSI) being a series of water-soaking and chamber drying cycles.

WildOak goes one step further; manufactured under the toughest International Standards being the Japanese Agricultural Standard, which is a multiple series of water-soaking and chamber drying cycles.

Other than exacting gluing standards, the global trend for ‘Green Products’ has also created much tougher limits in relation to consumer health, with the main focus being on formaldehyde emissions. The two most common standards for formaldehyde emissions are:
• European chamber test with the upper allowable limit being 0.1part per million (ppm)
• Japanese desiccator test with an upper allowable limit of 0.4mg of formaldehyde per litre of water.

WildOak has also completed a third test in Australia, being the Green Building Council of Australia Emissions test for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). The maximum limit for VOC is 0.5mg/m²/hr. WildOak achieved a result 33 times better than our Australian standard with a rate of 0.015mg/m²/hr.

Next time you are choosing a new floor for your home choose ArrowSun – our test results are your peace of mind.