Redesigning Your Kitchen – Why Timber Floors Are More Sustainable

NEWS / Redesigning Your Kitchen – Why Timber Floors Are More Sustainable
A large open kitchen with wood floors, cabinets, and island

When you design your house, choosing your flooring materials is one of the most important decisions. They affect your insulation, safety, cleaning routines, cost, and of course aesthetic. In kitchens, many people choose between timber floors and tile floors, both of which have pros and cons.

Timber floors are a great choice for kitchen flooring because they are more sustainable than almost any other material. Rather than being mined, timber comes from a renewable resource that provides essential resources for all life. Using wood flooring, walls, and furniture extracted with responsible logging practices means you are not depleting the country of precious minerals or destroying ecosystems.

French Oak Floors

French Oak wood grows rapidly with extremely tight grain, making it perfect for use as flooring timber. The tight grain means its density levels remain high and durable in Australian climates.

French Oak, unlike many other types of trees, is known for being grown and logged sustainably. Since the establishment of the Administration des Eaux et Foret in 1291, France has been a leader in replenishing and caring for the health of its forests. Choosing French Oak wood means you are supporting an industry dedicated to improving its supply, rather than depleting it.


One important factor when choosing a kitchen floor is how long it will last. As the centre of the house, with constant foot traffic and regular spills and cleaning, kitchen floors can take a beating.

For the best tile durability, you’ll often need to use concrete or granite, which require more extraction and process. However, with timber floors, you can use a locking system that uses the same amount of wood – just a cleaner fit. Wood that has been quarter sawn rates highest on durability and hardness tests as compared with rift or plain sawing techniques.

Sealing Kitchen Floors

Tile floors are sealed with grout, the filling between individual tiles. In order to maintain the endurance of the grout, you’ll need to regularly use a chemical-filled grout cleaner.

By using sealing techniques that are more environmentally friendly, such as Klumpp Coating, you are preventing exposure of harmful chemicals like formaldehyde from entering your house. Sealants with hydrophobing agents are perfect for kitchen or bathroom floors because they prevent water from seeping through, even in areas with common liquid spills.

The type of sealant used on kitchen floors is the biggest determinant of how easy floors will be to clean. Timber floors that are properly sealed will be just as easy to clean as tile, and can use less harmful materials – like water and vinegar or lacquer soap – to remain germ-free.

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