Wood or Tile? Why Wood Flooring is Better For Your Bathroom

NEWS / Wood or Tile? Why Wood Flooring is Better For Your Bathroom
Modern bathroom with timber floors and bathtub.

The question of whether timber floors or tile floors are better for bathrooms dominates the conversation for homeowners building or renovating. While tiles are popular in bathrooms because they are said to last longer, it’s actually the case that timber floors which are sealed properly last just as long and have many added benefits. Here are a few reasons you should not shy away from installing wood flooring into your bathroom for your home or office.

It’s Long Lasting

Hardwood is one of the longest lasting materials out there. When sealed properly with adhesives it can deter water spills and moisture absorption from the air. With hydrophobic coating you’ll protect the integrity of the wood, meaning it can last for years without suffering any damage. We recommend using at least three-layered wood floors to ensure you have a sturdy base to walk on.

It’s Practical

Nothing says practical like a solid slab of wood and this is no different in the bathroom. When you are doing renovations on your house it is much more cost effective to fix or repurpose what you have than replacing it. Wood can always be stripped and refinished, though with the right sealants that doesn’t have to happen very often. Tile, on the other hand, cannot be redone and needs to be entirely dug up and replaced if it is broken over the years.

If you’re looking at the practicality of materials in the long run, it’s better to choose a material you can work with over and over again.

Tile floors are also much louder than wooden ones. Because bathrooms already increase the amount of echo, you can minimise noise by installing wooden floors rather than tiles.

You are also less likely to slip on wood than tile, and you won’t have abrupt cold spots, making it a safer choice. Slipping in the bathroom is a leading risk of household injury, so it’s best to minimise this risk especially for the elderly.

It Looks Great

Unless you are going for an Old Spanish Grotto or Italian Palace look, you likely have wooden floors in at least part of your house. It is much more aesthetically pleasing to have one material or slight variations of similar materials consistently throughout the building. By putting wooden flooring in your bathroom, you’re able to keep the overall style of the house throughout. Plus, with a large range of colours and shaping techniques, you can use wood in your bathroom to go with any decor.

Wood is also much easier to clean than tiles, which tend to quickly look dirty even just after mopping. Wooden floors can be cleaned with a simple sweep and spray of vinegar and water, as opposed to expensive grout cleaners needed for tile.

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